Nov 29, 2001

Don Bouc Appointed to Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

(Lincoln, Neb.) - Don Bouc, president of Nelnet (National Education Loan Network) has been appointed to the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance by Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

The eleven members of the advisory committee provide advice and counsel to the Secretary of Education and Congress regarding student financial aid policy. Three members are appointed by the leaders of the House of Representatives, three by leaders of the Senate, and five by the Secretary of Education.

The areas for committee recommendation include: access to postsecondary education for low and middle income students; improving Title IV student aid systems; identifying redundant or outdated sections of the Higher Education Act; and evaluating the implications of distance education for student financial aid eligibility.

"It's an honor to receive this appointment from Secretary Paige," commented Bouc. "With the growth and technological changes taking place in college enrollment and student loan access, the committee's continued review and advice on financial aid policy is critical."

Don Bouc has served as president of Nelnet since the company's formation in 1997. Prior to joining Nelnet, he served as president of the Nebraska Higher Education Loan Program. Bouc assisted in the creation of the Education Finance Council, serving as Chairman from 1993-1995. He holds a bachelor's of Science in Math Education and master's of Computer Science from the University of Nebraska.

Nelnet connects the key components of education lending-lenders, servicers, secondary markets, financial aid offices, students, parents, and student loan guarantors-to streamline the education finance process. The company maintains offices in Lincoln, Neb., Jacksonville, Fla., Denver, Colo., Portland, Maine, St. Paul, Minn., and Washington, D.C.

With nearly $5 billion in total assets, Nelnet controls originations in excess of $1.2 billion in student loans annually, funds over $4.2 billion, and services $15 billion in student loans. NELnet ranks among the nation's leaders in terms of total student loan assets managed.

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