Oct 09, 2001

Jolynn Snyder Named Director of Product Support for Loan Generation Business of the Nelnet Group

(Denver, CO) - Jolynn Snyder has been appointed Director of Product Support for the loan generation business of the NELnet group. Snyder will head the new department designed to coordinate the installation, training, and ongoing support of the company's loan generation products for the school community.

The creation of the Product Support department reflects Nelnet's commitment to simplifying education finance for schools and students. Prior to joining Product Support, Snyder served as Manager of Client Relations for eight years, and is experienced in loan origination, school relations, sales, and project management.

Founded in Lincoln in 1997, Nelnet connects the key components of education lending - lenders, servicers, secondary markets, financial aid offices, students, parents, and student loan guarantors. Additional information is available on-line at www.nelnet.net.

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